About us

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At Jura's Pancakes we strive for 

good quality, good service and

good atmosphere.

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Jura Silva from  the Brazilian area of Bahia, infamous for Afro-Brazilian culture and cuisine. Jura created our signature pancake that is still today lovingly prepared from scratch.

From a single cargo bike to several wagons and recently a café - our pancakes have been enjoyed by thousands of people and are a staple of quality street food in Copenhagen.


How to enjoy our pancakes

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Stop by our pancake wagon.

Find us on Strøget or sms for location. 


We have a self-sufficient set up to comply with any space of venue. 


From years of experience our service is considered fast, flexible and reliable.

We cater to all events 

any size, anywhere & anytime.



Visit our café and enjoy a pancake with coffee, juice or drink and taste a savory pancake as well. 


Or book as a venue for your next event.


Contact us

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 (+45) 50 40 82 95



Visit Jura's café 

Nørre Voldgade 56, 1358 København K

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